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Assignment 4 – cover photos

These are the 3 photos I chose for the background cover, 2 nice examples of multilingual and slightly worn signage on the tourist trial, and a shiny new shop sign.

Poor boxguy putting up a shop signMultilingual sign for tourists

Following on from the previous post about the covers… The guy putting up the shop sign was the obvious choice, because it’s the most interesting, it’s the right shape (portrait) and all the elements of the photo are conveniently positioned for a classic magazine cover layout.  The blue-grey tones of the photo, particularly the whites where good to push the image to the back, so it didn’t fight with the text too much – I think this works? Also, I chose to drop the title down the page to hang on the scaffolding.

Warmup exercises

Getting in tune with Illustrator, before I put together the article for assignment 4…  Playing with a found jazz album cover.

cha cha cha
dancing in lines
dancing in circles
dancing crazy

Also, 3 relevent tutorials didn’t get around to (yet)
Chalkboard type treatment
Beveled lettering
Retro type treatment


Assignment 4 magazine cover mockups

Assignment 4 cover options (pdf portfolio)

Lock gates

Numbers for a change > grungy stencils mostly. Looking at: spacing between numbers, reversed digits, shadow effects, opacity, hardlines, softlines, paint drips…

DIY font 2nd pass

Cracking on with the assignment stuff, this is the 2nd pass on a display font – realising it needs to be bigger than just 4 characters if I want to use it for a header font as well. I’ve now roughed up a complete set of lower case characters that has a sort of rationale behind it. It’s all in here > Type font 2nd pass notes.
letters and colours

Truck sign - lettering

Focus the mind

Found this here