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Point of sale exercise – the results

These are the results…

Display boards
Fruit v1
Veg v2

Point of sale exercise – notes

This was much harder than I thought it was going to be, and now appreciate the happy-smiling-bright-green-apple approach.

Picture collages… getting nice looking pictures of green fruit and veg is much harder than other colours.  I was aiming for rich warm colours – reds, oranges, pinks with a bit of green or yellow for contrast.  I think there’s too much garlic in there, and wonder if I should have just followed the natural shapes rather than trying to follow the radials idea too rigidly.

Size and resolution… the main problems with this were getting things at the right size and resolution, and keeping them that size.  My 10 megapixel photos were processed with Picasa and Gimp,  and although the image was set in Gimp to the right size and resolution, scaling and resizing of images scaled it down dramatically – so what I thought was an A1 canvas shrank to about A4 by the end.  The only tool I’ve got that works to A1 is Scribus, so I exported the fruit and veg collages to jpg at as good a resolution as I could get. You seem to be able to get away with low res photos for this sort of exercise – I think – but not the text – I think.  Scribus is a bit limited with text, shadows and colours, but I did manage to get pdfs which I think might work at that size – but not at all confident about that.  Need to read up more on this.

Getting the text to stand out… I wanted a handwritten sort of style, but had great difficulty getting it to stand out from the pictures without looking tacky – could only get dayglo colours to work.  The pictures are quite busy.  I could have put a plain background behind the text, but wanted to see if I could get it to work.  Tried using a simpler font and text shadow – shifting shadows around and angling it so it emphasised looking down and in.  What style of font is easier to read?  Scribus text has a very limited colour palette too, but tried dayglo and complementary colours, black and white in various combinations – the olive green looked the least awful.  Need to read a bit more about this too.  And, should I have just stuck to the original idea of writing ‘fruit’ on one board and ‘& veg’ on the other?

So at the end, the tick box questions are:

  • Is it clear
  • is it dynamic
  • does it look edible
  • can you read it
  • would it make you feel like cooking.

not convinced….!

And my reviewer said >”yes to all 5 – tho not sure that the israel message was a bit negative – is it poss to make it a positive comment? i.e. all of it something?”

Point of sale exercise – fruity pickings

Went shopping for samples, Morrisons late on a saturday, gaps on the shelves and everything left looking a bit tired, so first constraint was the choice available.  Second constraint was the lack of light when I took the pictures.  Third constraint turned out to be anything green, but came up with these eventually… some photos, and thoughts on colours and text…

Fruity Pickings
Palette and font
The radial idea

Point of sale exercise – fruit and veg

Small local veg shop window display boards to attract passersby to buy the fruit and veg in the window.  I’m interpreting this as a small independent shop somewhere like Chorlton or Hebden Bridge, with all the associated cultural baggage, and am going to use photos primarily.
Smiley apple
Looking for pictures of easily available produce that don’t cost a lot, look interesting and not pumped up ‘perfect’ supermarket fruit, also not sourced from Israel – and aiming for something a bit more interesting than happy smiling apple…