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Notes and reflections: Jane Dixon

Indirectly answering these questions: How do they use visual language? What is it about the work I admire? What aspects could I use as a personal starting point?

Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world – this is the slogan that attracted me to her work.  Uncomplicated and easy on the eye. I like the casual curly style, flat fresh pastel colours on lots of white space.  Particularly like the monochrome ones, and the scratchy line drawings.  Comes over as a bit crude, but quirky and accessible, uncomplicated and lively.  This is a style that makes people like you, and evokes a nice upbeat positive mood.  For my personal taste, it’s running on the edge of girly and childlike, but I like the freshness.

Jane Dixon

Ref: http://www.janedixon.com/index.html