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Assignment 3 – context

‘To produce a poster 297mm x 420mm that celebrates a colour of your choice.’ A colour… sludge green… ‘a meaning you want to explore and celebrate’
It means to me… a favourite colour for wearing – I’ve always had a chunky green jumper that I wear a lot in the winter – so for me it’s a background colour of warmth, security and constancy etc etc.  So the serial green jumper is a personal icon, and a bit of lazy googling returning frogs, lizards, geckos – reminds me of another personal icon which is the gecko earring.  And so, this is the idea to hang the project around.  What does it means to other people…  colour of gardens, rainforests, plants, spring in Europe, organised outdoors, woodland conservation organisations, algae, slimemoulds, greenwash, insincerity, many different things…  Sticking with the positives, here are the ideas…