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Notes and reflections: Gerd Arntz

Indirectly answering these questions: How do they use visual language? What is it about the work I admire? What aspects could I use as a personal starting point?
Isotype.  Strong images, quirky, of their time.  Particularly like the people and the humour in them, the use of repetition, the style mix of constructivist and american jazz influences.  The icons that group people, cows or whatever actually get a lot of information into the frame in a very simple way, and like the way he uses repetition and duplication of images.  Blocks and lines, monochrome. Also interesting how the representation of technology that was probably seen to be cutting edge and state of the art at the time, has now become retro and nostalgic.  Very strong sense of time and place, and you could build a lot of stories around these icons.  Have particular affection for the coal truck, but that’s going off at a tangent…
Gerd Arntz isotype - domestic technology
Gerd Arntz isotype - one day there will be McDonalds
Gerd Arntz isotype - not this sort of movement
Ref: http://www.gerdarntz.org/isotype