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Exercise: poster and flyer

An A3 poster and a double sided A6 flyer for a low cost course of singing lessons, to be printed on a black and white photocopier.  The course is on weekdays for an hour and a half each session.  It’s promoted as being about having fun as well as learning to sing, and it’s not specific to any particular type of music.  So I’m looking for something that’s community based, broad-ranging and appealing to all and everybody.  Thinking about community choirs and aspiring pop stars with a bit of a vintage tangent:

vintage imagery including mouths and singers

These are a few samples of posters advertising singing lessons…

advertising singing lessons

and these are a couple of particularly nice simple posters featuring similar chalky textures:

simple posters with chalky textured graphics

Icons and images I can use are people singing, mouths, microphones, musical instruments, musical notes, birds singing. Fonts I can use have nice round ‘O’s. As it’s got to work in black and white  and cheaply printed, it needs to have high contrast, at least on the bits that need to be read from across the road. It also doesn’t have to have too many areas of heavy colour, as the paper will tear and it won’t look good. I decide to use Photoshop as I’ve got some relevent brushes, a photo of a woman and a microphone I can copy, and play around. This is a mish-mash of all the layers:

mish-mash of ideas

I’m working in red and black – red will print about 50% – so it should look good in colour (surely they can find someone who’ll print a few coloured posters off for them), as well as printed black on white or coloured paper. The text has to be clear black, and the blocky Arial font works the best with a busy background. I worked on the poster first, laying it out in InDesign and did a few test prints (at A4 size), printing onto white and yellow paper, which worked fine. The coloured version and printing black onto blue paper were too insipid though, so I made the background layers bolder, and this worked better all round. I then reduced everything to 25% to make the flyer, and adjusted the text boxes a little to compensate for the smaller scale.

Printed poster – paler version printed black on white and yellow paper:
black printed on white and yellow paper


Printed poster – background layers less transparency, printed in colour on white and black on orange paper:
Black printed on orange paper and a colour print


Flyers printed black on white, black on green and coloured on white:
both sides
both sides
both sides - black and reds

The green is a bit insipid, so I would abandon this in favour of yellow and orange. A brighter green would be better, I also tried it on red and blue paper which were both a bit too dark. The other issue is the legibility of the phone no. on the front of the flyer. Have noticed generally that there are lower levels of contrast on printed stuff than I would like… so I’ve left it! Also, given the flyer is A6 size, I thought it would be good as a postcard, so maybe if I was going to spend more time on it I’d do a landscape version of the flyer too.

The final (electronic) version:
poster image

both sides

Singers A6 flyer (pdf)
Singers A3 poster v2 – final version (pdf)
Singers A3 poster v1 (pdf) – paler background layers