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Visual diary

Most mornings I do a check through my reading lists and weblinks etc, and bookmark anything that’s useful, significant or catches my eye.  I’ve set up this diary as the visual version of this process, and basically gathered interesting images as I do my breakfast tour around the web.  Anything that catches my eye goes in the folder,  I then sift through them and collate them into diary pages with the Picasa collage tool.  When I’ve done this I delete all the source images and files, and deliberately don’t keep any note of references or any words describing what they’re about etc.  Also don’t keep any details of the date. The ordering is sometimes on a theme, and sometimes isn’t. The choosing and arranging process is quite important, this is when I look at them and consider them.  This is good, because often with this daily bookmarking exercise I tend to collect without reading, and so most of them get deleted later, because there’s too much stuff to trawl through.  So I quite like this process!  This diary is for the months of April and May 2011, that’s as specific as it’s going to get.  I will use it as a source for ideas, and it’s interesting to see what I’m collecting, and I find myself adapting my trawling list accordingly.  Notice how since starting this course I’ve added a lot of art and design blogs etc to my reading list, and how I’m ignoring some of the other stuff, so it’s good to be aware of this, and get the balance back.

Anyway, it’s here > Diary, April-May 2011