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Exercise: birthday list

Tables and forms.  The exercise is to produce a poster of birthday dates to pin up as a reminder. It has to look good.  Decided to mock this up in an Access database, and see if it was possible to produce an Access report form that was attractive enough to pin up (unlikely).  The layout options are rigid and crude, it wastes space, and the tickboxes can’t be resized – which was the main problem. You can be creative with fonts however.  It’s a database report form, so the print layout is linear, and the size 0f the sections (ie months) vary depending on how many entries (birthdays) there are.  My idea was to produce it in monochrome and print onto patterned or coloured paper, in either a poster layout or a monthly tear-off type thing that could be strung together and hung up (space-saving).  The report would be printed to Adobe Acrobat first, then the printer, which would give more options for sizing the final thing.  Some notes:

Notes and doodles

Mockups in Illustrator:

Birthday poster mockup page patterned background

Birthday poster mockup page flowery patterned

Birthday poster mockup page deckle edge

Birthday poster mockup page on red

It didn’t really work, the vertical labels and the tickboxes disappeared into the paper, and there’s just not enough control over the elements to do much with it.  Basically, Access report writer is just too clumsy to be useful for most things, but especially this sort of project.

Calendar pages on different papers

Orange and yellow tear-off calendars

Report to print – sample (pdf)
This is better – colourful calendar design (by Jonathan Davies).