Why am I doing this course?


I’m a freelance IT person and I also build and update websites for people. I’m currently doing sites that are too small to have project teams that include designers, developers and internet marketing people – I do it all basically.  I have absolutely no formal design training, so would like to do this course to help with this. I’ld quite like to do a structured course, and explore the subject a bit. I’m a bit sick of just googling for sporadic bits of information as and when I need them, I’m looking for a bit more depth!

I’m particularly interested in colour, design for print, and the project management process of developing visual ideas with people.  I’m also interested in looking at the idea of design that ‘doesn’t look designed’, which is an issue that comes up sometimes.  My work website is www.pamwrighticthelp.com


For the last 15 years or so I’ve been doing drawing and painting as an antidote to my (technical) work.  I did the OCA Painting 1 course which was really useful for me. I also do classes and workshops as and when – I like the idea sharing and social side of working in a group.  I currently go to a local group most wednesday evenings, which is taught in a casual sort of a way, and exhibits sometimes on the local amateur circuit.  I mostly do wallart and like working through project ideas.  Favourite mediums at the moment are acrylic paints, ink, black gel pen, charcoal, sanquine pencil, black conte crayon and smooth heavy paper.

I have always done a lot of photography, including travelog and local landscape.  I used to do a lot of black and white developing and printing,  and playing with print techniques like screenprinting and blueprinting.  Now it’s all electronic, and my processed pictures generally end up on Picasa and Flickr.  I like Canon cameras, and also use Picasa, Gimp and an ancient copy of Photoshop.

My photo sites are http://picasaweb.google.com/pamwright99 and http://www.flickr.com/photos/pamwright99/sets/

I also walk a lot, mostly around Calderdale where I live, sometimes in the hilly bits of the UK, and sometimes in the Himalayas.