The end

I’ve finished the course (ages ago) and I’ve pulled together the stuff for assessment and sent it off.  Have I learnt anything? Looking back at my reasons for doing the course:

  • I have absolutely no formal design training, so would like to do this course to help with this
  • I’ld quite like to do a structured course, and explore the subject a bit
  • I’m particularly interested in colour, design for print, and the project management process of developing visual ideas with people
  • I’m also interested in looking at the idea of design that ‘doesn’t look designed

I’ve discovered typography – before I started the course I thought you only needed three fonts, any more was frippery.  That’s certainly changed, but is this progression? I can now use Adobe Indesign and Illustrator, and I’m now selling artwork for publicity.  I can work much faster and more professionally, but does my stuff look any better? I am hooked into the learning process though, and moving onto kitchen table printmaking – looking forward to getting my hands dirty and chasing physical layers as well as electronic ones.

One response to “The end

  1. Congratulations for completing Pam. I’m sure you’ll get an excellent grade.