Assignment 5: Thinking about it

Reading back through the log for this chapter – a few points to remember in no particular order:

  • For brochures, magazines, anything that is going to be repeated > there needs to be a template
  • Simplicity is all
  • Contrast and legibility – I tend to want more contrast than seems to be generally ok
  • It’s easier to make specific black and white versions of logos etc, separately from coloured versions
  • Logos really need to be vectors for maximum flexibility
  • Remember to choose fonts for their visual relevence – not because they’ve got good titles
  • Everything is subject to fashion
  • Check impact from a distance, and at different sizes

This assignment > Brief 3: charity work  I’ve chosen this option because it ties in quite nicely with some of the work that I do.  It’s about business and marketing materials for a small voluntary organisation that ‘helps poor and displaced people furnish their homes with the basics’.  The first thing to do then is check out the sector via the Furniture Re-use Network.  Community furniture stores tend to fall into 3 camps:

  • part of a larger organisation providing a range of services – such as a housing association or a faith based organisation
  • community recycling projects from a green/eco/environmental background
  • small local charitable trusts, run mostly by volunteers.

open door furniture recycling logoI looked at a few and noticed some visual commonality – photo illustrations showing the length of a full furniture warehouse, furniture arranged attractively – flowers on tables; lots of red sofa icons, images of warehouses, delivery vans, volunteers, clients, people renovating, their buildings, cookers, a nice logo – Open Door.


Bolton Community Transport
Community Furniture Stores
Wesley Community Furniture
Keighley Furniture Project
Open Door Furniture Recycling


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