Exercise: Chance Housing Association – samples

With the help of someone who works for housing associations… we chose this one in cheery pink toned down a bit with the orange:

name in pink and blocks of orange

black and white version

Having a few doubts about the colours, so the following samples were about trying out different colour palettes – but we thought they were too bright / too tasteful in this context:

versions using warm colours

versions using faded coloursI created 2 versions of everything – 2 colours on white, and monochrome on white. Printing out on a really knackered inkjet printer, realised I needed to adjust the contrast and move some of the elements around – differently in the coloured and b+w versions. Still not happy with the colours which shift continuously, and learnt more about Adobe Acrobat settings. Black and white ad copy should work on really cheap newsprint > this is my model.

The final sample set:  Chance Housing association samples (pdf)  I still don’t like the colours.

advert in black and white advert


3 responses to “Exercise: Chance Housing Association – samples

  1. Yes. Understand what you mean Pam. I often get the same reaction when I’ve looked at my photographs for so long that I decide they’re so boring.


  2. Pam Wright

    Hi Catherine, and thanks for that > the minute I decided to go with that one, I started to hate the colours, so every bit of objective feedback helps,

  3. I’m pleased you chose this one as I liked it best on the earlier exercise! It catches the eye (even in b+w), looks clean, modern and unfussy. The colour version has a nice, welcoming warmth about it as well.