Exercise: Giving information

The topic is ‘My route to work’, not demanding geographically as I work at home mostly… the constraints are that it has to be an aerial or front on view; it has to use typography, numbers and colours, and have a title.  Also, it really has to be simple, too much information is meaningless, however beautifully arranged it is.  All my initial doodlings were maps and process diagrams, it was hard to think about how to translate this into ‘aerial or front on view’.  However a few ideas emerged > colour coded spots, coatracks, and staircase arrows.  Also the idea of using the side-on elevation view of the house to contain the route-map.  Also looked at some Miro and Georgia O’Keefe for ideas. Once the visual idea began to take shape, I started to re-shape and radically simplify the information to fit the visuals, rather than re-shaping the visuals to fit the information, so that the end result is more about getting across the idea than being statistically accurate.  Which might or might not be ok in a real situation.  These are my notebook pages:

notebook page drawing of the original map

spiral model and staircase arrows

Process diagrams

stairs and coatrack

journey as coatrack in house

drawn versions

Miro paintings to show shapes lines and spacing

painting of yellow ladder against desert sky

First version
Route to Work v1 (pdf)

The first version looks different on different screens, the transparency of the background layers doesn’t work with more light behind it.  Also the drawn house outline is out of style, the information needs bringing forward and the coat-rack effect needs emphasising more.

Second version
Route to work v2 (pdf)

As usual the process was more interesting than the result and my reviewer has now gone in search of one of those coatracks.


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