More infographic trawlings

These three use that previously fashionable style and palettes. ‘Designers v developers’ is another comparative, but uses cuteness, an orderly layout and dotted lines to link the graphics and the information. ‘ONG Mondiali’ uses that colour palette, and is similar in its orderliness and use of dotted lines to lead your eye around the information. No fancy graphics, just spots and icons, and so it’s easy to see which organisation has the biggest. The ‘Day in the life’ is a linear timeline, and a story, presented in strip cartoon style.

designers developers Graphic designer self referential ngos and social networks

‘Should I text him’ is a nice little flowchart, simply done and engaging, using 3 colours on white, and a minimal number of elements to deal with a complex routemap of dilemmas: advice boxes (endpoints), question boxes, filter boxes (crush, boyfriend, ex), yes/no decisions as purple dots, purple key question box and route etc.  Follows a contents list for a box of Lego with the sample pieces nicely arranged (and colour co-ordinated) as a grid, and then in complete contrast, a beautifully designed Greenpeace poster that groups visual elements, lines up text boxes in columns, and uses curves and lines to tie it all together and lead your eye around  in a sort of guided tour.

text him or notlego catalogue greenpeace poster

Finally – ‘Who’s the daddy’ the brightest and least sophisticated, with great clouds and 2 type of mountains; and the best and most minimalist which is the BP Eco Disaster, and which says it all without the need for statistics.

tallest mountains BP hand grenade - ecological disaster

Most of them came from


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