Infographics pickings

This is a random selection of infographics I’ve collected because I like them.  Some of them are complex and some nice and simple.  I’m looking for ideas, and simplicity (to suit my attention span). It’s definitely not this > Public spending 2010-11The first set are in Russian which I can’t read, so it’s easier to focus on the layout, the use of colour and strong shapes, and to to see similarities which indicate a common template. I really like the balance of neutral and strong colours, the use of transparency, and spots/dots/circles/whatever the technical term is. Very balanced, generally.

russian sample 3 russian sample 2 russian sample 1

The second set are long ones – designed for web.  ‘Your vote counts’ is clear and bright, grouping the elements together as distinct blocks, using dividing lines and a lot of cyan and magenta on white, so clean lines and high contrast. ‘Murders by firearm’ is a great shape and dominated by the long vertical ‘x’ axis of the graph, the bars and labels balancing into a great shape either side, topped off with the boldened header text.  ‘Boycott the bottle’ is beautifully focussed, with a very simple idea and nice use of blues.

voting sample firearms sample water sample

Another set of long(er) ones. ‘Mac v PC’ is in a very particular style of palette and  graphics that is a bit tired and overused now, which detracts from you wanting to read it – even though I like the style.  Also – is it an infographic or is it an illustrated (fashion) article? The core is  text, comparative lists – where does the dividing line lie???  ‘Iphone v android’ works much better, the layout is linear boxy in a similar way, but it’s more visual, using the recognisable icons/symbols.  It’s also only presenting a small amount of information relative to the size of the thing – simple comparative percentages.  The ‘Twitter’ one is an illustrated timeline making heavy use of the Twitter graphic style that rolls happily and bluely down the screen, with enough use of black and colours to liven it up.  The barchart at the bottom is messy and possibly needs more space around it, but nobody is going to get further down the screen than the cute whale anyway.

Social apps usage Mac Person vs PC Person  Following twitter sample

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