Walk alone article – alternative

spread layout

Back to the ‘Walk alone’ article, I don’t like the image – the landscape is flat and unexciting with a big path (not dangerous), the subject is a young woman in comfortable clothes with a small backpack, there’s a couple of (non-threatening) oversized anoraks in the centre, the dog is big and evil looking (protection), and the airlift helicopter is a bit bizarre.  Or is it her mate delivering the sandwiches she left on the kitchen table?  It would be good to see something a bit more exciting, and encouraging, so decided to try it…

Used a photo, moved it up the page, so she’s striding out above the landscape which is neutral so doesn’t detract – focussing on energy and enjoyment here.  more kit but not excessive or expensive (Decathlon).  The difficulty is the colour of the trees, which are a bit too blue to tone in, also the solid border doesn’t work so well with the photo.  Changed the title colour so it’s brighter. Moved the text boxes either side of the walker so it’s not squashing down on her.  Having difficulty with text colour – white is legible but lacking in impact.  The orange headers clash with skin tones.  Could edit the photo to tone the colours in.

Tried out various colours for the body text boxes.   Blue looks best, but only emphasises the fact that the blue background is wrong…

This version has coloured boxes behind the text, and think it helps to brighten it  up as well as upping the contrast to make it easier to read. Stop there.

Last version as pdf


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