DIY font

First pass playing around with ideas for a title font – of 4 characters at minimalist – to mock up a cover for a magazine called ‘Type’.  Done a bit of doodling to date, and have a couple of ideas.   Also trying to get to grips with Illustrator, so the time comes to move the ideas onto the machine.  Experimented with a geometrical approach of rectangles and circles (or ellipses in Adobe-speak) first.  Very slow and painful process, that took all afternoon.  Then just drew it and re-arranged the letters a bit, took 10 minutes.  These are the results!

Candelabra > first pass using shapes to construct the letters


Candelabra > messing about to show the shapes:

type - structure

Doodling on the machine, and thinking it’s beginning to turn into a logo:


doodles - type


4 responses to “DIY font

  1. Pam Wright

    This WordPress is the free version which is more limiting – which is why I’ve got the Flipping Book (Joomla version) running on my own website! There is a WordPress version you can buy but I’ve not tried it !

  2. Keep me on your list! Just wanted to check – are you using a paid for or free version of WordPress. I’m interested in the flipping book.


  3. Pam Wright

    Hi Catherine, and thanks. I’ve done the odd t-shirt for friends, but mostly do cards. However, when I’ve got to grips with this Adobe toybox, who knows…

  4. Love those fonts (and total design of your blog). The fonts would look great on a T shirt – just wondering it you do that kind of thing.