If the face fits exercise

These are the exercises > If the face fits examples (pdf)

Short story in a womens mag ‘I thought I loved him but now I’m not so sure’
Used pink headers here, couldn’t stop myself. Aiming for girly and teenage. Also open and friendly, not sophisticated. No serifs therefore. The first version used Comic Sans and Arial, and worked best I think. The second version used Segoe Script for the header trying to get it more grown up. The third version was aiming to be more neutral, using Trebuchet and Century Gothic. Without the pink would have looked neutral and could have been a article on anything. The fourth version was an antidote to this with a silly header font, but lost the plot now.

After school club for teenage boys, A3 poster
Blocks of text and lots of punctuation marks. Aiming to look casual and a bit punchy. First version with Grobold as the slogans, and Calibri for the details, worked best. Another version with All over again scribbly display font and Comic Sans for details was ok but not quite as striking. Another version with Ravie Regular which was great for the word ‘Bored?’ but using Lucida Console for the rest of the text was a bit jarring and discordant.

Ad in a parish mag for helpers on a flower rota, A6
This one I was playing around with a shouty version (Showcard gothic / Calibri), a slightly faded and desperate version (Century Gothic), and a genteel ladylike sort of version (Book Antigua Bold / Verdana).

A friends engagement party invite, A5 flyer – needed to be very young this one.  Using a blocky header text for the names, and a functional one for the rest of it. The second one I like, it’s got a bit of a 60’s feel to it thanks to the Bauhaus font for the names. The first version is Coolvetica which is a freeby that is slightly discordant and suits the over use of ‘!!!’s in the text I think. The names need to be much bigger though – they are in a font called ‘Elephant’ which I found in a document of a clients’s. The last version has the names in another client’s font – Revell Medium, but apart from that is a mess.

The beginning of this exercise, which involved trawling the fonts I actually use on my computer, was useful. I thought I only ever used about 5, but came up with 36 on the list in the end. More diversity here than I thought!


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