3 commercial signs in Northern Kenya

Lovely ‘g’ in a functional garage sign, stencilled or hand-painted?
Air gauge and water
Standard hand-painted commercial ad to look like a printed ad using script typeface, to look hand-written… or am I reading too much into this?
Osho - we grow with you
Hand lettered shop sign in a formal style.
Chips, sambusa and soda
I’ve posted these after reading the section on ‘vernacular typography’. I could just have easily chosen a similar set from Stockport Road in Levenshulme, in South Manchester > except that I don’t have the electronic copies to hand. The point about these is that somebody’s painted them, so they have some personality in them. Even the full-shop front painted ads – which are really common in Northern Kenya, especially for mobile phone companies – have to fit around the individual shape of the shops. Mobile phone company full shop front ads would be a good topic for documentation here I think.


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