Anatomy notes

‘Choose a magazine and look at the main typefaces – body text and headlines.

Red Pepper magazine.  Logo and banner font > tried to find it on the Identifont tool and failed, there wasn’t enough of an alphabet to go on.  Then tried to find it on the Wordmark-it tool, which pulls up all the fonts on the computer.  But, doing this on the wrong computer (not enough fonts loaded).  This tool is easier to use because it’s visual – but still failed.   Then looked at their website and checked their style-sheets but still failed.  However, noticed that their font family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, Arial, ‘Liberation Sans’ (a Red hat Arial substitute font, True type), FreeSans (free under open commons license, found on Fonts2u and others – but not on Identifont).  Their headline font is Myriad Web Bold (Myriad being a set of fonts that come with Adobe studio – is on Identifont).  Note that Fonts2u have good technical descriptions.

Back to the print pub and Identifont… Editorial page bodytext > Chaparral Pro Also used for feature articles – slight serifs, untwiddly, Adobe font.  Always used if coloured backgrounds.  Other pages bodytext > sans-serif – pretty sure it’s Liberation Sans – it’s in the a,B,g.  (Identifont failed here, recognised it from

Other nice fonty bits in this magazine…header fonts mostly red, or white /coloured in red strip background.  Use of greys rather than blacks.  Contrasting title fonts, quite a few different ones, mostly sans-serif. A lot of crossover between the magazine and the website (WordPress).

Exodus walking and trekking catalogue – one font for all, sans, some headers all caps but generally not. Uses coloured headers, and reversed out with white and colour, and some tab effects in specific greeny palette. Uncoloured headers and bodytext mainly in the grey/beige style at varying opacities, some dark text on light background. Database output mostly.
Identifont came up with Epos > Klavika, but it isn’t. As with the Red Pepper font, it’s got rounded corners on the corners of the uc F’s and E’s etc.  Also havn’t got it on the laptop – according to, should  check it out on the other machine with Adobe CS5 software – chances are it will be on there.  (Exodus website)


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