Assignment 3 feedback notes

For the record… Tutors feedback notes, and my feedback notes on the feedback notes…

… Liked the postit vid… and comments on scale re the abstract cities exercise. Looking at it again, can see how I could get this to work. Also like the comment in the assignment feedback bit, about piling up the layers and paring them back – as being 2 distinct parts of a design process. This is useful, as havn’t got beyond the stage where it’s part of the technical process – ie pile them up until the package falls over, then you lose your work and have to start again… The image strip on the globe piece was in there because I’ld spent time on it and I was concentrating on the transparency – I quite like repetition of the images, but agree it could have been axed from the final version as it didn’t really add anything. The comment about finding it difficult working with blocks of colour was really about the malevolent greens in the poster exercise, and it was largely because you can’t really see what you’re dealing with as the colours shift and change as you move from machine to machine, and when the sun comes out. However, I’m having a similar issue with shades of gray in a website I’m working on at the moment. Lastly, ignore comment about laborious documentation – as it’s self-inflicted really. I’m deliberately trying to do this for this course, but am just aware I’m overdoing it sometimes.


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