Assignment 3 – final choices

After all the playing about, I’ve selected a set of 4 images to work with.
Final selection
First problem > I find that through the general process of messing about with all the elements of the final image, the final workable output gradually shrinks, so what started as a carefully setup A3 @ 300 dpi gradually shrinks to A5 by the time I’ve finished with it. This happened to all my samples, apart from the 2nd one.  My image files are full of layers and layers and layers  and I guess that’s the electronic equivalent of over-mixing paints and ending up with everything sludge brown.  Anyway.

Second problem >  printing test samples on a knackered inkjet printer produced some nasty results, particularly with the yellow in the greens, and too much heavy density in everything.  Areas of flat colour are not easy.

Third problem > I worked with the black and green version (bottom left hand pic) to try and make it more technically acceptable at A3 size.  Not wanting to replace the source files and rebuild the whole thing again I attempted a couple of inexpert quick fixes to smooth off the jumper and the heart, and crisp up the purple text, and of course the results (2nd of the 2 pics) were really incoherent and horrible.  The original version I quite like in it’s own quirky way, and actually as a screen print it would work at that size, also if it was printed onto a rough texture like cotton or old cardboard boxes.

For the final version I chose the top right ‘green is the colour’ pic, replaced the background image with a better quality version, and turned down the opacity on all the colours as far as I could go, so I could print something that was a) light, b) avoided flat areas of colour and c) that was interesting enough to stick up on the wall.  This is the final result:

green is the colour

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