Assignment 3 – on the machine

More ideas playing around in Gimp and an online drawing tool called Harmony –  quite like the stitched leatherette effect on the jumper.  This time I was looking at soft colours.
First gecko
2nd gecko
the jumper
Soft colours 1
Soft colours 2
Soft colours 3
And this was a lurid draft of a poster…Lurid attempt
The filmstrip idea now contains variations on just 2 images – the rhodedendron to convey the theme of spring, gardens but with a slight twist, because a lot of people see rhodedendrons as an alien threat. Also the world upside down in the glass ball is comment on these sorts of differing perspectives. And finally, it’s a black and white filmstrip…
And a coincidence to round this up, on the way to buy some fruit on friday afternoon, suddenly found myself surrounded by images of concentric circles and hearts…Coincidence

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