Abstract cities exercise

city wordsThe task: 10 abstract designs balancing blocks of subordinate, dominant and accent colours, for (A5 landscape) guidebook covers, for cities beginning with M.

My approach –  I did a half-hour Flickr search, looking for 2 photos for each city.  I was looking for street or cafe scenes, and trying to avoid buildings and iconic landmarks. I used the photos to build colour palettes.  I also used the photos as a base for the block designs.  Sometimes the two photos produced similar palettes, sometimes they didn’t – in which case I had to make a choice to go with one photo/palette and not the other (ie. Manchester).

Producing designs – I used Gimp to produce the designs, which included the text, and imported them into Scribus to create the final files which can be exported to size as A5 pdfs, and as jpgs for demo purposes (used here). This was quicker than building the designs in the dtp package, mainly because the colour tools in Scribus aren’t very good for this purpose. Also, there isn’t any text involved beyond the title, so you don’t need the dtp package for that. (However, note that text in these (reduced down) jpg images below is degraded, only works at actual size.) Also… suspect it’s not a very good dtp package, mental note to compare with the Adobe product…

The designs

Madrid bookcover

Malmo bookcover

Managua bookcover

Manchester bookcover

Manhattan bookcover

Marrakech bookcover

Marseille bookcover

Melbourne bookcover

Montreal bookcover

Mumbai bookcover

Comment – this exercise worked better than I thought it was going to.  The results need some more work, but the method worked.  Also, I’m speeding up.  Comments on the actual designs in the next post…


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