Signs and symbols – playing around

Following on the waymarking issue, this is a rough set of directional arrow signs to make it clear where a path is, and who can use it. They’re designed to be pinned onto gates and posts etc, as an alternative to yellow arrows. The arrow is the main feature and the sign can be pinned on at the appropriate angle so it points in the direction of the path. The colour coding is secondary, and also helps the sign to be visible. This is intended to be primary signage, to show where to go, any other signage can be added on underneath!  Whatever materials were used would obviously have to be colour-fast and weather and vandal-proof.  Pink is chosen as the colour to represent cyclists – as a strident colour it’s presence should warn the calmer categories that they are at risk of being flattened by mountain bikers. Yellow and blue follow the existing colour coding for walkers and riders, for the sake of continuity.
Multipurpose waymarkers
Arrow and logo on a post
Notebook scribblings
Notebook scribblings 1
Notebook scribblings 2

Of course, we could just leave it alone…
How to mess with a hill


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