Cards – finding the designs

I’ve now created a few sample sets, and it’s just a matter of looking at what I’ve got and which ones to go with…

First trial set > black and white batik with coloured backs
All the same shape, using the rounded front as this works best, three different neutral colour options for the back and one stripey one.  The big problem though – the colours are on the back of the cards so they’ld disappear in a display rack – they’ld all look the same.  Ideally they’ld be shrinkwrapped with envelopes in the same colours, but they’ll still look like the same card with different envelopes – and envelopes weren’t part of the brief.  One possibility could be to make them all stripey on the back, and different colours in the insides – but the design would then need more cutaway on the flaps so you could actually see the colours – the way to do this would be to use the double curved front design. But then, given they all have basically the same message, are they different enough to still be interesting as a set?  Think not.


Second trial set > Abstract pattern, bamboo and birds, pink, gold, green. Lots of options here to mix and match on the patterns and the shapes – should be easy to get a set of cards from these with enough variation.  Main concern though is with the colours – which are very girly, and if you don’t like the colours you won’t like any of the cards. So ok on pattern and shape, but too narrow on colour.


Looking for a set that works


Looking at a selection of my samples with the rounded shape, I realise that it’s quite hard to pull a set from them – none of them really go together, so I decided to go back to my textiles and see if I could create a set from them, and came up with 4, that are pretty similar in style.


The bird needs editing to bring in line with the others (looks a bit
washed out).  I’ve changed the stripes a bit so they are not all the same size, there’s a choice of bright, rich and subdued for the individual cards, and they all just about work together.


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