Cards – shapes

I was looking for a set of shapes that would reflect the sentiment of the card, work with the patterns-palettes-images ideas, be basically square and stand up nicely.  This loosely translates as being fairly neutral but a bit more interesting than a simple folded greetings card, complementary and in scale to the sort of images I’ve been looking at.  I like the idea of having a simple greeting on the inside, and a card that opens out to reveal the greeting, but will also work with a greeting on the outside too.  Size is important too – structurally, but also for the sentiment ie. not too big and flashy, but neither too small which may imply you’re not quite appreciative enough!  Square is a solid shape, and about 10×10 to 12×12 cm a good size to aim for, in terms of the material, the technology, and the sentiment.

First pass on shapes

Experimenting with square cards with two front flaps that overlap, and various simple shapes for the flaps.  Stability was an issue with the first option (below).  The third option with both front flaps cut away looked good but isn’t really what I was looking for.  I decided to take the set of three options in the second picture and work with these.

shapes first pass - 1
shapes first pass - 2
shapes first pass - 3
shapes first pass - 4
shapes first pass - 5

Adding pattern to the shapes

I wanted to look at the options for adding stripey palettes and patterns to my chosen shapes to see how they would all work together.    I also had a thought about maybe putting some text on the right hand flap – which might work on the diagonal flap, as it’s smaller.  The diagonal flap looks like it’s going to be the most tricky, but it works best with the stripes.  Like the curve best.  Getting the right balance between stripes and patterns is going to be important, and this will be a useful reference set I think…

adding patterns - 1
adding patterns - 2
adding patterns - 3
adding patterns - 4
adding patterns - 5

Getting a system together

The next stage was to work with Gimp and get a set of templates for the shapes I want to use, so I can quickly trial the various image, colour and text options etc.  Then for a quick test of the system….


The flowers sample in the centre is the electronic version of playing with patterns and stripey palettes.  The black and white one uses one of the textile images, and would look nice with soft colour on the inside of the card.  The landscape idea doesn’t quite work with this image, but it might with others. Printing them out and playing with them, it’s obvious that the dominant image has to be on the top front flap for this setup to work properly.  And for the photo, this means a good foreground.  And… have just noticed that I’ve got the stripes vertically on this sample – horizontal is definitely best.

Notebook pages on shapes

Notebook page on shapes 1

Notebook page on shapes 2


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