Cards – patterns, palettes, images

This was all based on gut reaction.  I gathered up samples of patterns, images and colour palettes that felt like they reflected the sentiment and the neutrality of it.  Neutral middle distance landscapes became woodland, mountains and beach – urban ones had to have people in them, but in crowds and no eye contact, which became tricky so I abandoned it.   Birds were good, leaves ok but not flowers or fashionable curliness, abstract patterns were best.   They’re gathered together into themes.

Birds and trees theme

Birds and trees

Fabric theme
This is based on my bag of print and batik fabrics, and features spots, stripes and more abstract shapes.  The colours are richer.


Mountains theme
This is a bit more of a mish-mash but I think the strong diagonals and shadows might be an idea to go with here.  Also have an idea for playing with splitting the images along the card opening line to give the effect of walking into the view.  Not sure about mixing patterns and photos though – think this will get too busy or maybe it’s just a matter of getting the scale right?  Think the fresh blueness of these are the thing to pick up on, but note that pictures of people on mountains kill the neutrality.


Mountains less clutter Sea theme
Possibly a beach as here….  Again it’s neutral space and colour, and can play with wave and water patterns.


Basically, there’s far too much stuff here, need to rationalise it drastically


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