Cards – ideas

Research point – what’s out there? Checked the assumption again that there really isn’t anything available.   Checked Hallmark Cards and several mass-market e-card companies, looked on the market and in Paperchase.  Art cards don’t have greetings.  Fizzy or fluffy, pink and pastelly dominates the mass-market.  Paperchase as mid-range has better designs, but don’t put much energy into it.   Could find one or two cards from each brand, but no real choice.  Also checked Moo designs to see what’s trendy and noted the idea of making cards out of colour palettes.

Visual research point – what am I looking for? The sentiment is appreciation and the phrase that expresses the sentiment is ‘Well done, I’m impressed’.  The tone is neutral, simple, light and interested.  How to express this in terms of colour, shape, pattern, images and text.

Looked at

  • Colorlovers to play with palettes and patterns
  • a bag of fabric for patterns and colours
  • through my photos for images and thought about line drawings and cartoons
  • to play with fonts

Dogs and dots

Initial ideas were:

  • quirky but not cutesy – abstract, collage or textural background with a line drawn dog/bird/ and speech bubble ‘I’m impressed’.  Decided can’t use dogs or cats here because they evoke strong love/kill feelings which would get in the way.  Birds and fish are safe.
  • collage of fabrics featuring rich colours and batik guinea fowl with speech bubble…
  • appropriate photo background with foreground line drawing of cartoon bird tweeting ‘Im impressed’ – possibly a Picasso pigeon, swallow, or something.  Photo background could be urban or landscape – which opened the question –  what’s an appropriate photo for this sentiment?

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