Poster exercise – too much information

English poster - backThis is a reworking of a leaflet that a friend was doing to advertise some courses, and asked for some advice on.  I was thinking about doing something a bit more arty with images, but as this was there, it seemed a good opportunity to actually work with something that was real, if a bit functional.

Their leaflet (see pictures) was a bit of a mish-mash of styles, and had more text than was needed, but the challenge really was to chop the text without chopping anything that was vital.  Obviously, the poster needs to convey enough information about  the courses to make it clear to people what’s being offered, and the language needs to be uncomplicated.  It’s also got to include essential validation type information.  The language is theirs, I will merely decided what to include or leave out, and rearrange it a bit.  The style will be plain and the background colour will tie in with their website colourscheme.
English poster back

My tools are Gimp and Scribus, output to pdf to print an A4 poster which will work best on slightly glossy paper.

My posters (see next post)

I did three versions…

V1 – Landscape poster with 3 info boxes: this is how I think it should be, with the amount of information I think is needed to do the job.

V2 –  Maximalist portrait version with 4 boxes:  this included all the text in the original leaflet, and needed an extra info box, which gave an even number so worked best portrait.  I could have made it busier by using a background photo of the building – but – the photo I had was of their main building which is not the training centre, so that woud have just been confusing.

V3 –  Minimalist portrait version with 2 boxes: again stuck to portrait because I now have just 2 boxes.

And will now run them past Sheila and team, see what they think!

Passing thought… where does a poster end and a leaflet begin, and what’s the difference between a leaflet and a flyer.  The maximalist version looks like a leaflet, the minimalist version looks like a poster, and the landscape one looks like a poster.  Quantity of close text and scale appear to be the main tipping points, but what else?!  Also, posters without images – think on…


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