Poster exercise – feedback and process

So, my questions for Sheila and her team were:

  • Which design works best?
  • What is the key information that needs to be included?

And their response was…

The design they liked best was V2 with 4 boxes, they thought it looked professional which was the main thing, and the brightly coloured postits.  They also liked the symmetry (I think).  The main advantage of doing it as a poster – A4 or A5 – was that they could put a load more information on the other side, and use it as both a leaflet and a poster. Pragmatically, size would be dictated by printing cost, and the more stuff they could get on it the more value for money it would be! And remember, they had a leaflet, I gave them a poster.  This could all change anyway, post their team meeting, so there may be more on this.

And these are my notes on the process…

notes page 1notes page 2

Back to the exercise, and the ‘how did the feedback help’ question.  Main thing, they thought it looked professional, which it was meant to, so that’s ok.  I think they want too much text, they see it as an opportunity to get more info on there. The exercise now asks me to go away and redo it:  what I have done instead, is given them the copy for the 4-box version, and the background image with empty boxes, so they can use it for other stuff too.


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