Looking at leaflets

The Boo – Horse and Bamboo Theatre space programme.  A classic A5 folded on cheap gloss paper, slogan on top front, contact details and funder logos on back, opens out to full programme in completely different colour scheme. Strong design, but are the colours right for the message?

End Britain’s dodgy deals – Jubilee Debt Campaign leaflet/ask postcard.  Thick card, same front and back, opens out to top half details in 3 columns and bottom half tears off to give you a giant postcard to send to Vince Cable. Strong images and font, stands out.

Trades club programme – glossy double-sided leaflet, content basically arranged in 3 long columns on both sides.  Interesting fold, basically folded in thirds and then folded in half again, with slogan/banner on the top third.  Impossible to fold back again the right way once you’ve read it.


It’s time to get stubborn – Campaign to protect rural england, this is a magazine insert.  It’s horrible – cheap newsprint, same front and back, with folded flap to give 5 columns of content and a tearoff freepost joining up form.  Feels horrible, straight into the recycling…

Hop on and off for less – conventional 3-fold leaflet on glossy slightly larger than A4, with the fold-in third section a tear-off reply form.  Contact details on the back, clear and bright and well-designed.  Not sure if the space-hopper is a dig at road quality (mixed message) and strongly suspect it’s a lie, as I’m sure the day ticket was under £4, but hey…

London is now on your doorstep – advertising a train service.  3-fold, six sided, main slogan is to lure you to London, folds out to table of fares, and then timetable.  There’s a map on the back.  Lots of close detail, and hard to read.  Too tiring.

Labour Research Department – leaflet asking people to affiliate,  in strange mish-mash of styles loosely based on pixelated Scottish tartan.  It’s aimed at people who know who they (LRD) are.  Unfolds to a landscape A3 poster advertising their services and publications – which is clear to read, the rest of it is all over the place.


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