Exercise: working to a brief

Brief 1: Readybrek > fluff, tacky but fun
What am I being asked to do? Create packaging that will appeal to a specific target audience.
How will the client judge successful outcome? Packaging will a) convince client it will work, and b) porage product will fly off the shelves
target – young women, health conscious, busy, hungry, treats
negatives – bland, unappealing
positives – delicious, healthy, treat, natural, filling
Questions for the client? Need more info about the product and the clients perception of their target audience, also what the client has in mind, where they’re going to sell it – supermarket, corner shop, sandwich shop etc.

Brief 2: Connections > pretentious but meaty, the side of Northern Rail trains.
What am I being asked to do? Create something around a metaphorical journey that focusses on the connectedness of whatever, define a market for it and how I will target it.
How will the client judge successful outcome? Something that is clear and convincing and probably ‘designery’
Keywords: journey, connections, themes, juxtaposition, connectedness
rail journey analogy – dramatic contrast, landscape, people, inter-connections, points, embark/disembark, ever-changing dynamic, destination
linking examples – people, events, philosophies, theories, objects, movements, inventions, history, literature
Questions for the client? anything that coaxes them to be more specific.

Brief 3: Drinkaware > yawn, depressing, patronising
What am I being asked to do? create appropriate campaign materials targeted at young people aged 13-16, around the slogan ‘Why let drink decide?’
How will the client judge successful outcome? Set of designs for campaign materials that they like, that fit the budget and that they feel confident will be used.
Keywords: raise awareness, risks, underage drinking, cultural change, attitude to alcohol
parents – talk, avoid
young people – think, effects
Campaign – ‘Alcohol leaves you (or your children) vulnerable’
Client remit – children, young people, best place in the world, happy, healthy, ontrack
Questions for the client? How/where they anticipating using them, budget, quantity, what they have in mind etc. Timescales, decision making process etc.

Which one would I prefer to do?
Ok, the commercial one – Brief 1 – would probably be the most challenging because it’s got to look really good and be really simple, and the product doesn’t inspire confidence.  Brief 2 – the theoretical one, would be good fun to play with, but it’s not real, and is probably the most culturally loaded of them all (designery).  Brief 3 is the most tied down and specific, with the slogans already there, and the decision-making process would probably be slow and bureaucratic.  So for the purpose of the exercise, let’s say Brief 1 is the preferred option.
What would it offer me? It would be a good challenge to design skills, a chance to play to a specific target demographic.
How would it stretch my skills and abilities? Never done anything like this before, so the visual stuff with text and graphics, the design stuff with packaging, and putting it together.  Would want to do something really simple, and assume that would be quite difficult.


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