Documenting research: the green box

green boxThe green box is my ‘research file’ – it’s a seed tray that lives on the kitchen table, and into which I dump anything on paper that I want to look at a bit closer. Some of the things in it:

  • a Sainsbury’s leaflet chosen partly for it’s colour palette, but mostly for it’s propaganda points: happy smiling people, happy smiling header font, the potent use of the word ‘colleagues’
  • a WDM leaflet chosen for the use of a similar colour palette, and it’s particular style
  • a slightly bizarre Oxfam Christmas card with a slogan that doesn’t quite work
  • a couple of magazines, and a magazine clipping with a good ‘in the box’ illustration
  • a few folded leaflets, a clonky bit of packaging from ‘Creative Calderdale’ and an old pamphlet with some interesting graphics.

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