Postcards 2nd pass

This time looking at the postcards as individuals rather than a set, as they have to work both ways. So, try the whole slogan on each card. Experimenting with the lettering and trying to sink it into the pics a bit, so people have to look at the pics rather than just the slogan, and see the picture and think what the hell is that all about, then maybe look at the picture in terms of the slogan, look a bit harder and think about what is going on etc etc. These are the drafts, some work better than others…

Anyway that is the plan, so next, to make the lettering look a bit less crude and flat. Idea of picking the colours from the pics is good, but they have to work as a set too so the colours of the slogan text need to be in harmony, same palette etc across the range. Also try introducing effects that sink the text into the pics a bit but also make it clearer. ….with Gimp… ha! Also, have cropped the headless models pic down a bit to make it more focussed, still too much text, but better, think, less busy. And introduced the mani stone, as getting the text to stand out on this one will be interesting. Different type of photo though, so maybe have to go later.


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