Postcards project

What > Set of postcards expressing my graphic design interests and my cultural references.  Who> Aiming to show tutor where I’m at.

Where am I at?

Because it’s postcards and I’m into photos, decided to use photos as a base for this.  Idea of trawling through my travel photos and finding a few that work together, have the right amount of detail in them (don’t know what that is yet) and that are interesting (to me) because they have a few visual cultural references that are worth (to me) focussing on and possibly a bit of intriguing signage.

Remembering a few black and white postcards I used to have up on the wall for a few years, from Berlin in the ’80s – old bathtub outside an old crumbly building, crumbly plaster and meaningful graffitti, and so on.  Yawn.

They have to work individually, and together.   Constraints are the shape (narrowish landscape ) and the quality.   And 5 seems a good number to aim for.

Like the idea of a slogan to link them all together, as this is an opportunity to experiment with using text on top of photos.  Since I started asking myself the question what sort of fonts and colours work best generically on top of photos… have noticed the world is awash with print material using blocky white fonts in top of photos.  This is good, noticing things, it’s why I’m doing the course really.

So > trawl for images and look at blocky white fonts… and this is the first pass…postcards first pass


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