But anyhow, she’s dead now

Just to focus the mind, there is a great interview with Carmen Herrera in the Observer this week. This is the flavour of it. Like the punchline…

Things happen in a funny way. I mean you have to be in the right place at the right time, which I always managed not to be. But at the same time, people were not ready to receive my work. Years ago somebody called Rose Fried had a very avant garde gallery in New York and said she was thinking of giving me a show. Then I went back to the gallery and she said, you know, Carmen, you can paint circles around the men artists that I have but I’m not going to give you a show because you’re a woman. I felt as if someone had slapped me on the face. I felt for the first time what discrimination was. It’s a terrible thing. I just walked out. But anyhow, she’s dead now.

Carmen Herrera: ‘Every painting has been a fight between the painting and me. I tend to win’ Hermione Hoby, The Observer, Sunday 21 November 2010


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